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Barbed Wire Flag
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Sale Price: $40.50 $20.25
You Save: $20.25
Manufacturer: Temptu


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Product Description

Temptu Pro Tattoo Transfers are realistic looking tattoo transfers that can last 2-3 days. They are printed with high quality Dura cosmetic ink and look incredibly realistic, just like a real tattoo and can withstand even the most extreme conditions. Temptu Pro Transfer tattoos are long-lasting and available in ten-packs of pre-cut images. Temptu Pro Transfers have been the trusted ink transfer system for top stage and screen productions for over twenty-five years, the industry gold standard behind the scenes in film, television and fashion. 

To Apply the Temptu Pro Transfer, just clean the skin with rubbing alcohol and while the skin is still moist, place the pro transfer face down. Press firmly with 70% alcohol saturated cotton pad and fingers. Repeat several times until tattoo shows through, then lift the paper while still wet. Let the Temptu Pro Transfer tattoo dry 30 seconds, then touch up or fill in with the Temptu Pro Dura Palette. Dust finished tattoo with Talcum (baby) Powder to set.

For maximum Life: Dust Tattoo with Talcum (baby) Powder before and after physical activity, sleep and shower. Avoid Soaps, lotions and oils. Pat dry when wet and don’t scrub or rub the tattoo.


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