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Smart Jet Pro Iwata Compressor
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Price: $360.00
Manufacturer: Iwata


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Smart Jet Pro can be used for Airbrush tattoos, airbrush face and body art, Airbrush tanning, cake decorating,
Airbrush t shirts and much more!
Product Description
The Smart Jet Pro is the ideal compressor for the professional Face and Body artist. It can be summed up in four words: powerful, reliable, compact, and quiet.
The Smart Jet Pro has been the preffered compressor by artists because it can accomodate up to 6 airbrush guns without losing power, can last long days with consistent use, and is easy to travel with.

This maintenance-free, oil-less piston air compressor features a protective outer case and moisture filter with air regulator and gauge, which also prevents pulsation. The bleed valve adjustment releases moisture. Smart Jet Technology allows for less heat-related moisture buildup, full-capacity air on demand, reduced running time, less motor wear for longer compressor life, and inherently quieter operation that is suitable for public environments.

The Smart Jet Pro automatically shuts itself off when not in use, reducing running time and motor wear. Other features include a carrying handle, high strength polyurethane air hose, and lighted on/off switch.

The 1/8 HP motor delivers a working pressure of up to 35 PSI.
*Up to 6 Airburhs guns can be connected to the SJP with a manifold, but only one gun can and should be sprayed at once. if you are looking for a compressor where airbrushes can be sprayed simultaneously please check out the Power Jet Pro.

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