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Purple 4oz
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Price: $40.00
Manufacturer: European Body Art


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Product Description

European Body Art Airbrush Inks are known for their intense colors and smooth formula that flows through your airbrush without clogging. EBA Inks are alcohol based, waterproof, pre mixed make up. EBA inks are ideal for use for temporary tattoos and when you require a stay put body paint. When used correctly, EBA Inks can last up to 4 days on the skin.


EBA Inks require no special mixing and come ready to use. EBA Inks are available in a wide variety of colors including Neon and metallic colors which makes them especially great for body art.


EBA Inks do not require any special setting powder, but for an immediate drying time gently dust design with setting powder or baby powder.


*Silly Farm does not recommend using alcohol based paints on the face of youths. Always consult with your customers prior to using alcohol based paints for full body art.


To use and remove: Shake your bottle of EBA paints vigorously to get the pigment moving. Pour directly into your airbrush or bottle and blast cap and spray. Remove Inks with baby oil or alcohol.


Expect 500+ tattoos per 4 oz bottle


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